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We create new companies without changing our quality.


The history of the Group starts back in 1974, by the establishment of an individual contractor company with Mr. Klearchos Routsis as the leader of the Group. The company specialized in design, construction and conservation of Public and Private Projects.

In the next 13 years, the company demonstrates an impressive course of operations and upgrades into an S.A. by the name KLEARCHOS G. ROUTSIS growing into a construction company of 6th grade.

During the last ten years and throughout a series of buyouts and merging, the Group moved towards the formation of new design, construction and commercial companies. More specifically, in 2002 DOMOSPORT S.A. was established with a construction degree of 4th grade. EPIKOUROS CONSTRUCTION S.A. and SKOPINAS O.E. were both established in 2009 with a construction degree of 2nd grade. Members of KGR Group are also the maritime companies: ALGEMA, ROUGEAL and GEALER as well as the construction company DOMOILIAKI S.A. Due to its rapid growth and successful delivery of projects, KGR Group has managed to create a respectable name in the market and is now one of the key players in the construction industry in Greece. At the same time it has the capacity to play effectively in international level projects.