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  • Construction of new Pier Ι - Piraeus Port Authority (OLP)

    This project concerns work in the port carried out on Wharf I in the Container Terminal at Nea Ikonio. The construction was divided into two lots of contract work. The first involved the construction of New Wharf I and the second the extension of New Wharf I. The project’s total budget exceeded 73,000,000.00 €.

    More specifically, a new quay was constructed with a total length of 645.00m and depth alongside of 18.00m and new onshore sites were formed covering an area of 60,000.00 sq.m. to house containers in a vertical row 5+1.

    The quay consists of 26 large-sized cellular boxes (Caisson : length 24.80m, width 14.70m, height 19.20m and weight 3,380.00 tons), which were built up to a height of 7.00m on a floating, submersible barge and then at sea to a height of 19.20m.

    Excavations totaling a volume of 240,000.00 cubic metres were also carried out on rocky, sandy and muddy seabeds, followed by the construction of a rock-fill of 250,000.00 cubic metres. The greater area was reclaimed with rock-fills and the method of dynamic compaction was implemented.


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