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  • Upgrading of COSCO Pier II

    Port projects to improve Wharf II include onshore and port work in an area of 375,000.00m2 at the Container Terminal in Neo Ikonio with the aim of improving the wharf’s ability to meet increased needs arising from the future operational plan.

    All along the western and eastern sides of the quay wall, a new superstructure 900.00m in length is under construction and guide rails for SPP & PP are being installed. Throughout the whole area of the western side, at a width of 190.00m and all along the length of the wharf approximately 750.00m, 4 new series of RMG rails are being constructed and also a new floor.

    To improve the stability of the quay wall, underwater restoration work is in progress, which includes undersea excavations and embankments. To reduce the impact of turbulence and wave power prefabricated slabs of reinforced concrete are being laid.

    The same contract includes constructing buildings (machine-shop & service offices, three substations, fuel station, entrance-exit gates, metal frames for inspecting fridges) and developing the onshore area in the port (fencing, traffic lanes to and from the wharf, lighting, etc).

    Project Owner

    P.C.T. SA.

    Group Company


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