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  • Construction of COSCO Pier III

    The harbor works for the construction of pier ΙΙΙ, which is situated on the western side of Pier ΙΙ, at the Piraeus Container Terminal at N. Ikonio, have as their scope, the construction of quay walls, having a total length of 803,00m with utility depth -18,50m from the Mean Sea Level (Μ.S.L.) and the construction of yard areas for the transportation and stacking of containers, as well as yards for stacking empty containers, having a total surface of 152.000 m2 approximately.


    The present construction was designed for the use of RMGs stacking of (6+1) Containers throughout the yard area of Pier ΙΙΙ. This design achieves a target of 1.100.000 TEU and particularly an RMG stack capacity at the RMGs site, of 1,920 TGS and 2,968 TGS for stacking empty containers for Piers ΙΙ and ΙΙΙ as a total.


    Along the eastern part of the pier, on the quay wall, there is installation of rails Α100 for SPP, while on the western part there is construction of a reinforcement embankment slope. On the yard area there shall be construction of 3 (three) pairs of Α100 rails, for the installation and operation of 3 rows of ARMGs.

    Project Owner

    P.C.T. SA.

    Group Company


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